Physical Therapy

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy, PLLC specializes in the care of infants with torticollis, plagiocephaly, and motor delay, using a team approach involving the caregiver and all health care professionals in order to meet our goals.
Your child will undergo a comprehensive initial evaluation one of our expert pediatric physical therapists.

Based on the results of the evaluation an individualized treatment plan will be recommended.

Parents and caregivers will be provided with a customized, ongoing, therapeutic home program that should be incorporated into your child’s daily routine as best as possible. The greatest improvements are seen in children with early identification and caregivers who are most compliant with their daily home program while attending physical therapy treatment sessions.

Typical treatment sessions include the following activities:

  • Stretch the tight neck muscles
  • Strengthen the weak neck muscles
  • Gain full and symmetrical range of motion
  • Massage and muscle release techniques for the tight/tense muscles
  • Maintain the flexibility and strength of the muscles in order to promote symmetrical motor development and posture
  • Incorporate proper positioning techniques to be a part of baby’s daily routine
  • Facilitate age appropriate and symmetrical motor development
  • Ongoing parent and caregiver education
  • Recommend a consult to a pediatric craniofacial specialist or orthotist to discuss the need for a cranial remodeling orthosis (helmet) assessment, when appropriate

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