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Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our Mission Statement

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy, PLLC strives for excellence in the management and treatment of infants with head and neck disorders and early milestone development.

We differentiate ourselves by specializing in the care of children with torticollis, plagiocehpaly, feeding difficulties, and delayed motor skills.

We believe that early intervention, utilizing a team approach between the caregiver, pediatrician, therapist, lactation consultant, and orthotist is essential to successful outcomes.

We use a team approach involving the caregiver, physician, physical therapist, and orthotist.

Owner: Andrea S. Callanen, PT, MPT Pediatric Physical Therapist

Specializing in the care of infants with:

  • Congenital Muscular Torticollis (CMT)
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Motor Delay
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NO need for a MD/NP referral to schedule an initial evaluation.

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Initial Evaluation

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy

Your child will undergo a comprehensive initial evaluation by one of our expert pediatric therapists.

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy

Treatment Plan

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy

Based on the results of the evaluation, and other objective clinical findings, an individualized treatment plan will be recommended.

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy

Customized Home Program

Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy

Parents and caregivers will be provided with a customized, ongoing, therapeutic home program that should be incorporated into your child's daily routine as best as possible.

Our Success Stories
  • Andrea is very helpful, patient, kind and caring. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone dealing with torticollis.

  • He got stronger and was overall a happier little boy since his neck was no longer preventing him from being able to fully look around or cause him any discomfort. I am truly so thankful for Andrea and all of her expertise.

  • The one on one attention Trevor received showed her level of commitment to his growth, development and treatment. I would highly recommend her and Looking Ahead to parents needing physical therapy for their child!"

  • She provided a safe, fun, energetic and most of all loving therapy environment fro my son to learn and grow in. My son’s experience with Andrea was only positive and I couldn’t recommend her services more.

  • Thank goodness we put our faith in Andrea. Trust her knowledge and expertise. You will be glad you did!"