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"I cannot say enough good things about Looking Ahead Pediatric PT! We had the privilege of being able to work with each of the providers - Andrea, Rachel, & Jessica - and they all were amazing. They made therapy enjoyable, they were able to address my many questions and concerns about my son’s torticollis, and they made me feel knowledgeable and prepared to work on his exercises at home. Most importantly, though, they truly care about my son. Jessica has even remained an important part of his support team following our “graduation” from PT, which has meant the world to us. I’m so thankful we chose Looking Ahead for pediatric physical therapy! They have been a blessing!"
May 25, 2023
"My then four-month old was developing a flat spot on his head and absolutely despised tummy time… he couldn’t do more than a couple of minutes! My pediatrician said we could give it more time or start some physical therapy, and I’m so glad I chose that option. Jessica quickly got to the root of his problem, and now he loves tummy time! He’s meeting all his milestones and his head is rounding out. Looking Ahead PT was so easy to schedule with, and Jessica went above and beyond to be available to us and help us in any way she could. I felt very taken care of and could not recommend them more! "
May 24, 2023
"Jessica was so amazing with our daughter! She took away so much of the worry I had initially and guided us through everything! We couldn’t have asked for a better person to navigate through the head shape journey we dealt with! All our thanks go to her! "
May 18, 2023
"Jessica went above and beyond for our daughter and we are so grateful for her. I would recommend looking ahead pediatrics to anyone, it was a wonderful experience! "
Mar 21, 2023
"We are so thankful for Andrea and the progress she helped our son make! With her help we were able to overcome many obstacles. We are so grateful for her! The Marins "
Nov 04, 2022
"The one-on-one attention and individualized treatment plans led to resolution of BOTH my sons' plagiocephaly and torticollis. Looking Ahead PT has expanded since when my oldest son was a patient. Each and every physical therapist there has been professional and excellent with my sons' care. They provide detail instructions so that I can continue the treatment/exercises at home. I would highly recommend this group."
Nov 02, 2022
"Jessica is the absolute BEST! We started our daughter right away and luckily with sticking to her exercises and seeing Jessica regularly, we were able to correct our daughters flat spot and avoid her needing a helmet. Jessica was so patient and knowledgeable and you can tell that she loves what she does. She was genuinely excited to see her improvement at each appointment and always made us feel better about her progress. We highly recommend Looking Ahead Pediatric PT! "
Sep 30, 2022
"Absolutely recommend Looking Ahead PT for infant motor development. My little one had a flat spot and Andrea and team were invaluable in providing support and tips. Her knowledge and insight was very helpful in weighing the decision on whether to get a helmet or not. She caters the exercise plan to your little one and had lots of suggestions on how to implement exercises even for a busy family of three children. It was comforting having Andrea on my team for my little one’s development."
Sep 21, 2022
"The absolute BEST!! Andrea and Jessica treated our twins for 6 months. Each session was informative and fun for the kiddos!! They both clearly love what they do and are very good at their jobs. It was actually bitter sweet to graduate as they have become great friends. Highly recommend!!! "
Aug 16, 2022
"We can’t recommend Andrea and Looking Ahead PT enough! We started with Andrea when our baby was 2 months old for torticollis, and continued to see Andrea monthly after the torticollis was resolved. We loved going to have her monitor milestones, and give suggestions for things we should be working on(and she has the best baby toys)! We always joked that as soon as Andrea showed him how to do something, he knew how to do it from then on! Our baby graduated today at 13 months, and we can’t thank her enough! "
Jul 08, 2022
"Our son Tate was a patient of Jessica’s from 6 months until graduation at 15 months for torticollis, plagiocephaly, and gross motor development. Jessica was amazing! She was so patient, made every appointment efficient and made sure we understood what we could do at home to help him improve! She celebrated every milestone as much as we did and we would recommend her to anyone. Tate is where he is today because of her help and we are so thankful for Looking Ahead PT and how they supported our family! "
May 28, 2022
"We were able to catch the torticollis early, so with Andrea's exercises, my son never needed a helmet! Andrea was so helpful and personal and encouraging through the whole experience. She is very confident in her job and will provide your baby with the help he/she needs!"
May 27, 2022
"We noticed our son had a flat spot on his head. Our pediatrician said it looks like he is favoring a side which is causing torticollis. She said since we caught it early we could try PT if we want to prevent him having to wear a helmet. She referred us to Andrea. Andrea was amazing with him. She did exercises and stretches with him ever visit and taught us how to do things at home to help him in between visits. Andrea is very knowledgeable and you can tell she loves what she does. It was awesome to see his progress after each visit. His head shape is now where it needs to be and he is doing great. We highly recommend Andrea and Looking Ahead for any pediatric physical therapy needs."
Apr 12, 2022
"This review is long overdue. We were referred to Andrea when our son was 3 months old. We were worried new parents when we noticed our son Levi only looked to the right and his head had begun flattening. Andrea was so reassuring and did so amazing with Levi. We saw immediate improvement after his first appointment and it continued to improve each week. I don’t know what we would have done without Andrea. She gave us all the tools we needed to help Levi’s toriticollis. I trust her skill and knowledge completely! "
Mar 03, 2022
"We had an exceptional experience at Looking Ahead PT. We started seeing Andrea when our son was 6 weeks old for Torticollis. She was not only very well informed and shared her expertise in a way that we could understand, but dare I say she made the experience fun? It was incredible learning from her and implementing ways we could assist in our sons development that we otherwise wouldn’t have known. Forever grateful for this experience! "
Feb 28, 2022
"The care provided by Andrea and Jessica is above and beyond. They both are not only amazing therapists but amazing human beings. Jessica was my son’s PT and from the very beginning, when he was only a few months old, she reassured me and celebrated every single gain, no matter how big or small. My little guy was a tough customer, there were lots of tears and resistance but Jessica always remained calm and gently supported him where needed. Throughout the process, Jessica offered honest and realistic feedback/goals. When we hit some bumps in the road she always remained optimistic. She is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and genuine. She was more than just my son’s PT, she became a friend and cheerleader for us. I highly recommend Looking Ahead Pediatrics."
Feb 28, 2022
"We came to Andrea for our daughter's Torticollis. Within a few short months, she no longer favored one side of her head when resting, gained so much strength in her neck and also began advancing developmentally beyond many milestones for her age. Andrea not only addressed the tight neck, but also helped her learn new skills, practice important developmental exercises, and also continually advised us on products we should and shouldn't use to ensure she was optimizing her developmental potential. She goes above and beyond all expectations I would have had, and our daughter now has a perfect head shape, and is stronger than ever. I would highly recommend her to anyone! "
Feb 14, 2022
"Looking Ahead was incredibly helpful! Our little guy had many issues needing to be addressed. Jessica and Andrea were patient, consistent, and encouraging through the whole process. Ryman was slow to progress, but they never gave up. We are so thankful for their individualized plan to help Ryman be successful!"
Feb 11, 2022
"Andrea is the best!! She listens to your concerns and really makes you feel involved in the process. She takes thorough notes and keeps in contact with the pediatrician. We hit a snag with insurance when we were getting the cranial helmet and she went above and beyond reaching out to many different people to help solve our problem. She gives great tips on what you can do at home to make improvements until your next visit. She became more of a friend than just my child’s physical therapist. She cares about what’s going on in your life and remembers to check in with what’s been going on. We are so happy with the results of our process with Andrea. "
Jan 19, 2022
"Andrea and Jessica have been an absolute life changer for my twin boys! We recently graduated with them and I wasn’t prepared for how emotional it would be! The boys have grown in strength and skill with them and I couldn’t have asked for two better people to help us in our milestones. Thank you thank you for all you do! "
Nov 17, 2021
"5 million stars for Andrea and her team!!! I couldn’t recommend them ENOUGH. When another therapy center told me my baby was almost done therapy after only 2 visits, my mama gut knew that was wrong. I found Andrea online through a local recommendation. She got us scheduled ASAP. I am SO SO glad we found her. She is BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST when it comes to torticollis in babies! A WEALTH of knowledge. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner. Her name needs to be plastered everywhere for torticollis babies!! She was WELL worth my 30 minute drive each session. Can’t say enough wonderful things! Thank you, Andrea!!!"
Aug 17, 2021
"Andrea at Looking Ahead is actually a lifesaver! Not only did she help our son with his plagiocephaly and torticollis, but she recommend us to other therapist who helped with other medical issues we were having and then worked so closely with those teams, that we really felt like she was part of our family! She was so flexible with scheduling and understanding of our nap schedules (always changing!!) We ended up getting a helmet for our son despite all of our efforts (through no fault of Looking Ahead or our own), and with Andrea’s support we had such a smooth process, it was great! She still helped us navigate the physical challenges of the helmet to make sure our son had a smooth transition when he gets out of it. I couldn’t recommend Looking Ahead high enough. If you’re looking for someone to help with torticollis, even if it’s just mild, don’t hesitate to see Andrea!"
Aug 15, 2021
"I can’t say enough great things about Andrea and the work she does for all the little ones in need! As a therapist myself, with no pediatric experience, I can tell she is passionate and knowledgeable about the work she does. We avoided a helmet and corrected my sons head shape while also treating the underlying condition, torticollis. "
Aug 13, 2021
"We loved our time working with Miss Andrea at Looking Ahead PT! She made the exercises for neck strength and flexibility feel like play, and helped me understand what to look for and how to help my son work through his homework to get the best results. When we first visited, he was about 2 months old and had torticollis, which had caused moderate flattening on one side of his head. When he graduated at 6 months, his cute little noggin was symmetrical and he was on track on his milestones and motor skills (even a little ahead on some!). We didn't even have to get a helmet, like we thought we might when our pediatrician first recommended working with a physical therapist. As a first time parent, it was such a relief to work with a team who not only knows their stuff, but also equips me as a mom to keep up the work at home so he stays on track."
Aug 10, 2021
"We couldn't happier with our journey at Looking Ahead PT! Needing to consult with a physical therapist for your child's needs can be very worrisome for a parent. Andrea not only put our worries to ease, but she helped us to feel empowered in helping our 6-month-old son develop and reach his milestones. She made therapy sessions so much fun for our son and gave thorough explanations to us on exercises and activities that we could do with him at home. The cherry on top is that Andrea is incredibly personable and easy to communicate with when it comes to scheduling and asking questions. We would recommend Andrea and Looking Ahead PT to everyone we know!"
Jul 31, 2021
"I loved Andrea with looking ahead (and all staff I met seemed to be amazing as well)! When I found out my son needed Physical therapy I was scared. Andrea helped in so many ways some being she was informative, educational, fun, personal, and someone who became a part of our journey cheering us on and helped us graduate from therapy. I love Andrea and would recommend her to anyone! "
Jul 27, 2021
" We are so thankful for Jessica at Looking Ahead PT! Our son was able to make very quick progress thanks to her attention to detail, wonderful teaching, and easy to understand instructions. Jessica was so patient and caring, even on the days our son was feeling overwhelmed. Jessica made us all feel confident working on skills in the office and at home because she kept such open communication about our progress and our goals! "
Jul 12, 2021
"Andrea was the BEST! I work in physical therapy but not with pediatrics. Andrea is so incredibly knowledgable. Our little girl had torticollis, and began PT at 3-4 weeks old. Now at 2.5 months her head is shaped beautifully, her neck is strong, and she is watches us as we walk by while doing tummy time. I also learned so much from her about pediatric PT. I highly recommend!"
May 26, 2021
"We’re so happy we found Andrea to help us with our sons torticollis. Due to a combination of Covid and our pediatrician wanting to take a “wait and see” approach, we were late comers to PT. My son is a toddler and can be a handful when he doesn’t want to do something, but Andrea took it all in stride. She is friendly and knowledgeable, and most importantly helped us help our son while we adjusted to helmet life and hugely reduced his head tilt due to torticollis. Id highly recommend Andrea to anyone seeking PT for their baby and she will be my first call if we notice anything up with our next child!"
Apr 27, 2021
"On a scale of 1 to 10, Andrea is an 11. Our daughter was diagnosed with Torticollis and began seeing Andrea at 2 months old. As first time parents, all of her wisdom, advice, help, smiling personality and professionalism were invaluable. She could always lend and ear and gave great suggestions when we needed them. She guided our family on each exercise until we comfortable doing them at home with baby, which led to our success! We feel so grateful that Andrea was able to help our daughter, and we also feel we gained a friend in the process. Go see her, you won’t regret it… plus she’s got the greatest selection of toys! "
Mar 08, 2021
" Andrea is amazing. She was so caring and great with my son. We started seeing her when my son was around 2 months for torticollis and slight plagiocephaly. She is so knowledgeable and helped me step by step with exercises and stretches to do at home to help my son work through these issues. Our little trooper graduated around 6 months. Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion. I cannot recommend Andrea enough."
Dec 28, 2020
"Dr. Andrea is phenomenal! We were referred to her by our pediatrician when our son developed a flat spot. She diagnosed him with torticollis and plagiocephaly and we began our program. She worked so well with our son during all his sessions, guided us through exercises and work we could do at home to help him improve as well. Our son did get end up getting a helmet, but Dr. Andrea reassured us through it all and we continued to see our son get stronger and even hit milestones early because of the guidance and routines she provided. She is incredibly thorough and gives great advice on how to work with babies at home; her PT sessions don't stop in the office! I would HIGHLY recommend her services!"
Dec 19, 2020
"Andrea is wonderful! She seemed to intuitively know just what to do and how hard to push my son to get him to work his muscles. She went above and beyond to also teach me how to keep him on track with his other motor skills unrelated to his flat head. The best part is the look on his face when he was able to do what he couldn’t before, his confidence just bloomed. "
Dec 17, 2020
"My daughter started going to Andrea at 2 months for slight torticollis & at 6 months she has graduated! Andrea is wonderful with giving instructions for homework between visits and is wonderful with the babies! We are so thankful for her expertise. 😁"
Nov 19, 2020
"Our family had such a wonderful experience with Andrea for our son's torticollis diagnosis. It was daunting at first to think that our six week old needed to see a specialist for any reason, but she made the time so productive, informative and enjoyable. We looked forward to seeing her friendly face each week and appreciate all the advice she gave, not to mention successfully treating our son's torticollis! We definitely recommend Andrea and Looking Ahead! "
Oct 16, 2020
"Andrea was such a dream to work with! As first time parents we loved having a “personal coach” who not only cared for our son but who cheered us on as well. She always left us feeling supported and our son’s results are a testament to her expertise and energy. Highly recommend!"
Sep 29, 2020
"Dr. Andrea is amazing! She is always accommodating and works so well with the children. We had concerns about a flat spot on my son's head and after working with Andrea we were able to help the issue with exercises, and avoid having to get a helmet. In our experience Dr. Andrea made a scary situation much easier to handle with her expertise and great attitude. So glad we went here!"
Aug 22, 2020
"I could not be more happy with going to Looking Ahead PT and working with Andrea Callanen. Her knowledge base is impressive and she truly is an expert in her field. From the moment she met my daughter, it was clear she has a passion for helping little ones, she truly cared for her, and she had a strong desire to constantly be learning. As a physical therapist myself, I am always interested in learning the why and the how. Andrea is excellent at explaining what was going on in a way that made sense and reassured me that it could be fixed with some work. Her bubbly personality makes the time fly by and I always looked forward to our appointments. I highly recommend Andrea and I would go back to her in a heartbeat if I needed anything."
May 21, 2020
"We took our newborn, Ayro, to see Dr. Callanen to help with a small flat spot she had developed on her head. We were very impressed with her depth of knowledge and the way she interacted with our little girl. As a new parent I can honestly say I benefited from simply watching Dr. Callanen handle Ayro and do different exercises with her. With that being said, Ayro doesn’t have a flat spot anymore and she has developed wonderfully. My wife and I work with her using the exercises that Dr. Callanen taught us and we couldn’t be happier with our new bundle of joy. Thank you bunches! I highly recommend Looking Ahead PT!"
Nov 27, 2019
"We absolutely loved working with Andrea! She was amazing with our twin boys. She was very attentive to the needs of each baby and tailored each stretch, exercise, etc specifically to that child. I can't say enough good things about Looking Ahead. I would highly recommend Andrea!"
Oct 02, 2019
"It is hard for me to even express how thankful we are to have found Andrea when our daughter was needing help correcting her torticolis. I was so overwhelmed and discouraged before we met with andrea but she quickly set our minds at ease and gave us such confidence that there was a lot to do to be proactive in correcting the problem! She is extremely knowledgeable and detailed in her expertise. She carefully measured our daughters head (which no other medical professional had done yet) to tell us exactly what numbers we were working toward. Over the next few months she worked with us, gave us so many exercises, and mostly, she has been such a cheerleader, empowering us as parents to work with our daughter. We love Andrea and are so thankful for the ways she helped us! We cannot recommend her highly enough! "
Sep 09, 2019
"Andrea has been so wonderful throughout our PT experience. We are so happy we were referred to her for our baby’s severe case of plagiocephaly and torticollis. Our sweet little one is already doing so much better. Highly recommend to any family considering Andrea! "
Jun 03, 2019
"We came to Andrea looking for help with a moderate flat spot on our four month old’s head. She is not only knowledgeable but also kind and so positive. It was obvious to us that she loves what she does, which shows in the care she provides for these babies and the support she offers the parents. The exercises she suggested helped our little one from week 1. We are so grateful to have found her and fully recommend her services."
May 17, 2019

“Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy was recommended to me by my son’s pediatrician. I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapist, Andrea is amazing! After only a few sessions, we noticed drastic results in our son’s flexibility and muscle control. Andrea is very helpful, patient, kind and caring. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone dealing with torticollis.”

“Finding Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy was the best thing that could have happened for my son regarding his severe torticollis. We had gone to another physical therapist in the area a few months prior, but it didn’t seem to help and I felt at a loss. But when we found Andrea, all of that changed. We quickly saw improvements in Liam’s neck mobility and strength. He started to reach the milestones babies his age should have been reaching. He got stronger and was overall a happier little boy since his neck was no longer preventing him from being able to fully look around or cause him any discomfort. I am truly so thankful for Andrea and all of her expertise.”

“We were referred to Looking Ahead Pediatric P.T. when my son was four months old because he preferred to turn and tilt his head to his right. Andrea immediately put a smile on Trevor’s face. Her approach was always friendly and confident; he was completely at ease with her. It was clear from our first visit that she was very caring and devoted to her patients. As a mother of two it would have been easy to get overwhelmed with treatment and therapy on top of our day to day needs, however, Andrea’s detailed reports and instructions ensured that I understood the how and whys of all the exercises and stretches we needed to do as “homework” making it easier to incorporate them into our routine. Her knowledge and expertise extends beyond the treatment of tortcollis and it was reassuring to have another expert to discuss typical developmental milestones and how to help babies reach these key steps. She was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns in or outside of our treatment times. The one on one attention Trevor received showed her level of commitment to his growth, development and treatment. I would highly recommend her and Looking Ahead to parents needing physical therapy for their child!”

“My youngest daughter was diagnosed early with torticollis and fortunately our pedaitrician referred us to Andrea Callanen. I remember being very impressed with Andrea from our very first visit. Her professional knowledge and experience treating torticollis was impressive. We quickly became friends as she was very caring, patient and understanding of the anxiety parents endure when their child needs physical therapy. My daughter’s condition improved quickly thanks to the support from Andrea. Andrea is a great physical therapist for children and their parents!”

“Our son was born with a congenital heart condition which required open heart surgery before he was 3 months of age. He was referred to Andrea for torticollis and motor delay (poor tummy time tolerance) at 5 months of age. Out of all the doctors, nurses and therapists our son worked with Andrea definitely stood out as someone special. I was very impressed and comfortable with her working with my son. She provided a safe, fun, energetic and most of all loving therapy environment fro my son to learn and grow in. My son’s experience with Andrea was only positive and I couldn’t recommend her services more.”

“My daughter was referred to Andrea when she was 8 weeks old for torticollis and plagiocephaly. We attended PT with Andrea every week for a few months and she was amazing. My daughter’s neck strength and tummy time improved dramatically. My daughter did need to wear a cranial remodeling orthosis (helmet) to really improve her head shape. But all my fears and worries about my daughter wearing a helmet were unnecessary. Thank goodness we put our faith in Andrea. Trust her knowledge and expertise. You will be glad you did!”