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“Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy was recommended to me by my son’s pediatrician. I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapist, Andrea is amazing! After only a few sessions, we noticed drastic results in our son’s flexibility and muscle control. Andrea is very helpful, patient, kind and caring. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone dealing with torticollis.”

“Finding Looking Ahead Pediatric Physical Therapy was the best thing that could have happened for my son regarding his severe torticollis. We had gone to another physical therapist in the area a few months prior, but it didn’t seem to help and I felt at a loss. But when we found Andrea, all of that changed. We quickly saw improvements in Liam’s neck mobility and strength. He started to reach the milestones babies his age should have been reaching. He got stronger and was overall a happier little boy since his neck was no longer preventing him from being able to fully look around or cause him any discomfort. I am truly so thankful for Andrea and all of her expertise.”

“We were referred to Looking Ahead Pediatric P.T. when my son was four months old because he preferred to turn and tilt his head to his right. Andrea immediately put a smile on Trevor’s face. Her approach was always friendly and confident; he was completely at ease with her. It was clear from our first visit that she was very caring and devoted to her patients. As a mother of two it would have been easy to get overwhelmed with treatment and therapy on top of our day to day needs, however, Andrea’s detailed reports and instructions ensured that I understood the how and whys of all the exercises and stretches we needed to do as “homework” making it easier to incorporate them into our routine. Her knowledge and expertise extends beyond the treatment of tortcollis and it was reassuring to have another expert to discuss typical developmental milestones and how to help babies reach these key steps. She was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns in or outside of our treatment times. The one on one attention Trevor received showed her level of commitment to his growth, development and treatment. I would highly recommend her and Looking Ahead to parents needing physical therapy for their child!”

“My youngest daughter was diagnosed early with torticollis and fortunately our pedaitrician referred us to Andrea Callanen. I remember being very impressed with Andrea from our very first visit. Her professional knowledge and experience treating torticollis was impressive. We quickly became friends as she was very caring, patient and understanding of the anxiety parents endure when their child needs physical therapy. My daughter’s condition improved quickly thanks to the support from Andrea. Andrea is a great physical therapist for children and their parents!”

“Our son was born with a congenital heart condition which required open heart surgery before he was 3 months of age. He was referred to Andrea for torticollis and motor delay (poor tummy time tolerance) at 5 months of age. Out of all the doctors, nurses and therapists our son worked with Andrea definitely stood out as someone special. I was very impressed and comfortable with her working with my son. She provided a safe, fun, energetic and most of all loving therapy environment fro my son to learn and grow in. My son’s experience with Andrea was only positive and I couldn’t recommend her services more.”

“My daughter was referred to Andrea when she was 8 weeks old for torticollis and plagiocephaly. We attended PT with Andrea every week for a few months and she was amazing. My daughter’s neck strength and tummy time improved dramatically. My daughter did need to wear a cranial remodeling orthosis (helmet) to really improve her head shape. But all my fears and worries about my daughter wearing a helmet were unnecessary. Thank goodness we put our faith in Andrea. Trust her knowledge and expertise. You will be glad you did!”