Is Your Child on Track with their Developmental Milestones – Age 0 – 18 months?

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: 725 Cool Springs Blvd, Suite 110 Franklin, TN

Some children have difficulty achieving their motor milestones at a typical age (e.g., sitting up at 6 months, crawling at 9 months, and walking on their own at 12 months) and there are many reasons why they will struggle to learn these skills own their own.

While there can be some variability, it is important your child develops age appropriate skills within the typical range for each skill. This will ensure proper development. When children struggle to learn a new skill, whether it is sitting up, crawling, or talking, there is a reason for their delay. Some problems are easy to fix and others may require skilled intervention. Interfacing with a knowledgeable professional can help parents navigate these waters.

In this webinar, we will discuss the developmental milestones for ages 0-18 months and the most common reasons why children will develop these delays. After a short presentation, we will answer any questions you might have specifically regarding your child’s development.

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